Boutiques are not feeling the pinch”: in an article on “law boutiques” that are more and more present on the French market, the DECIDEURS Stratégie Finance Droit magazine interviewed Marie Fabregat, co-founder of one of these new boutiques.

Marie Fabregat (…), one of the co-founders of the Noésis Avocats law firm, highlights the fun aspect of team work: “working in a small law firm allows us to have a more direct dialogue, a more effective one with the client, and thus take away the sacred aura of the client/attorney relationship. The attorney becomes what he or she must be: a project facilitator”.

The DECIDEURS JURIDIQUES magazine stresses that “For these new firms, the stakes are high. They all want to be different from one another, impose their mark. (…) Ultra specialised, flexible, ambitious, less expensive, their appeal has not stopped growing both among clients and the talents that are joining them.”

This is the challenge Noésis Avocats wants to take up!

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